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Centralized Job Distribution

Reach over 100m job seekers across leading job boards, aggregators and more.

Rule-based Bid Management

Save time and automate bid management using activity from all your sources.

Consolidated Vendor Management

Control budget and manage campaigns across all your advertising channels.

Job Slot Optimization

Measure and improve your job slot return on investment.

"Recruitics has been vital to the strategic management of our job ad spend. The ability to test new sources, use rule-based automation to optimize spend and collect job-level data has been invaluable to our success."

Jack Russell

Business Analyst
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Centralized Job Distribution

Reach more than 100M job seekers across a constantly growing list of global vendors, through one easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Expand your reach to 100M+ candidates across a growing network of sources globally
  • Distribute your job ads to leading pay-per-click and pay-per-applicant vendors, along with job slot sources and select social media sites
  • Target job seekers on the websites they use most in their job search
  • Determine how to allocate your budget across top performing channels
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Consolidated Vendor Management

Exercise full control over your job ads on all recruitment advertising channels from a single interface.

  • Easily run simultaneous campaigns on the leading job aggregators, job boards and other online employment sites
  • Manage all of your recruitment media from a single, easy-to-use dashboard
  • Control your spend on job ads across all sources
  • Automate and optimize your cost-per-click and cost-per-applicant through industry-leading programmatic job advertising software
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Rule-based Bid Management

Optimize and automate the process of managing your job ads online with programmatic software.

  • Set bids and budgets, and easily manage all of your job ad campaigns
  • Automatically move budget to jobs that need more applicants and sources that perform best
  • Stop wasting money on jobs that have enough applicants with "stop spending" rules
  • Leverage volume caps to limit how many clicks or applicants a job receives to purchase only what you need and nothing more
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Job Slot Optimization

Get the most out of your LinkedIn and DICE slots using the same, proven programmatic job advertising software to optimize and automate.

  • Ensure slots are never left empty by implementing logic-based rules
  • Set rules to automatically swap out old, outdated or expired jobs for your current priority jobs
  • Optimize the ROI of your job slot investment on LinkedIn and DICE
  • Save valuable recruiter time by automating the management of your job slots

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  • Automatic Job Distribution with Tagging
  • Programmatic Bid Optimization
  • Segmentation by Job Characteristics
  • Segmentation by Job Performance Data Across All Traffic Sources
  • Campaign, Segment, and Job-level Performance Tracking
  • Automatic Budget Management
  • Auto-renewing Monthly Campaigns
  • Vendor-Specific Strategy Options
  • Pay-per-Click Vendor Connections
  • Pay-per-Applicant Vendor Connections (add-on)
  • Job Slot Vendor Connections (add-on)
  • Marketing Strategy Support (add-on)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Recruitics Action similar to Google AdWords for the recruitment space?

Yes, but better! Recruitics Action offers programmatic buying based on performance-driven segmentation. This means you can automatically raise bids for jobs that need more applies and stop spend on jobs that have enough applies, in addition to being able to segment your campaigns along more traditional lines, such as by location and job type.

How often do you have to make adjustments to the campaigns?

You can make adjustments as often as you’d like, but most Action customers find that once they have their campaigns set up well they make small tweaks every week or two and larger adjustments on a quarterly basis. In fact, our customers tell us that Action saves them 10 or more hours per week that they used to spend managing campaigns across multiple vendor dashboards.

What if I'm currently working with a vendor that isn't in Action?

We’re always open to adding additional vendors - please contact us to let us know which vendors you’d like to see in Action. In the meantime, we can still track all of your performance on that vendor by tagging campaigns and tracking them alongside your Action vendors in Recruitics Analytics.

If I need help with building strategy, can I call Recruitics for help?

Yes! We’re committed to making sure you meet your goals with our products. As experts in programmatic buying and job ad optimization, we’ll make sure you’re on the right track when you buy Action. We also offer additional on-going marketing strategy consulting packages that will ensure you’re optimizing your ad spend and maximizing your recruitment marketing ROI every hour of every day.

What if I don't know my target CPA?

That’s not a problem! Once you’re live in Recruitics Action, we start tracking the CPA for all of your jobs, at the job and job group (segment) level. You’ll learn what to expect from your jobs across occupations, industries and locations in no time and you’ll be able to set up Action to programatically optimize based on those characteristics. We’re also working on some very cool benchmarking features that will be available in the second half of 2017 which will help you determine target CPAs based on Recruitics’ aggregated data.

Can I post to Google through Action?

Not currently. However, we do offer managed search engine marketing services through our full-service agency. Contact us to learn more.

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