Recruitics. Our Solutions

We recognize that the needs of each client are unique, so we provide customized SaaS and managed services solutions for job boards, staffing companies, and corporate recruitment teams.

Solutions for Job Boards

Recruitics is the most advanced solution to manage your PPC spend and ensure you are winning new clients, retaining existing customers, and driving traffic to your site.

With Recruitics, you control and adjust your PPC bidding on a job, category, and campaign level in real-time and can tailor your PPC strategy to your specific marketing goals. You have detailed analytics so you know exactly what you need to do to optimize your recruitment marketing strategy for your business.

With our platform, you are able to improve your conversion rates, optimize your budgets, and take action specifically based on the performance of individual jobs.


Solutions for Corporate Recruiting

Recruitics provides you with an end-to-end platform to measure the effectiveness of your recruitment marketing spend and your PPC strategy. We provide actionable analytics, detailed source and cost-per-hire reports, and the ability to adapt your marketing strategy in real-time.

You obtain visibility on which recruitment sources are working best, and an understanding of how your recruitment marketing PPC spend is working for you.

Our analytics enable you to identify the best performing recruitment sources, understand your cost-for-hire, and provide you with the information you need to drive your recruitment strategy.


Solutions for Staffing Agencies

Recruitics provides you with the ability to adjust your PPC recruitment marketing strategy in real-time to drive candidate flow to your company's hottest positions and ensure you are getting the maximum ROI against your marketing budget.

With Recruitics you can shift your PPC spend in real-time to the positions that will drive the most revenue for your company. We deliver on your goals by combining a server-side technology platform with dedicated account management to develop customized PPC rules that align with your goals.


Recruitics. Optimize your recruitment marketing strategy.