Recruitment Marketing News & Notes

How to Avoid Optimizing Your PPC Strategy to Death

Performance-based advertising models, such as the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model, help talent acquisition professionals save budget dollars by allowing them to pay for their ads only when they perform. However, as we covered in a recent post, true efficiency in a PPC strategy cannot be achieved without optimization (you can read more on that here). Optimization […]

Improve Your Job Descriptions for Higher Quality Applicants

Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about how talent acquisition professionals in all industries can benefit from adopting marketing best practices. In fact, in part one of the series we covered how to apply marketing best practices to recruitment, which was followed by the do’s and don’ts of writing effective job titles. In this post, […]

Job Boards: 3 Great Ways to Ensure you Retain Your Clients

Why have job boards been able to survive the dramatic evolution of online recruitment and job searches? The answer is really quite simple: They’ve found ways to continue to provide value for their clients. Therefore, any job board serious about continuing to compete in today’s online employment market needs to keep client retention top of […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Writing Effective Job Titles

In a recent post, we touched on the five marketing best practices talent acquisition professionals should start leveraging on a regular basis. In adding to the theme of how recruiters can think more like marketers, this post aims to show how you can take a marketing approach to your job titles, as well. To start, […]

How to Apply Marketing Best Practices to Recruitment

In a candidate-driven jobs market, HR and talent acquisition professionals no longer have the upper-hand and therefore need to start selling their jobs to the best candidates. Thinking more like marketers, then, can greatly help HR and talent acquisition professionals in their efforts to attract the kinds of top talent that help organizations drive business. […]